Hitmoda is manufacturing since 1996 knitted and woven, also mix of both fabric for women wear for national and international Brands and wholesale Groups.

Hitmoda creats 8 main Collections per year, based on quality and fashionability and is committed to stay up- to- date finding new styles, development and serving customer expectations. We have the know-how on fashioning, are focused on every little detail for the best result.

Hitmoda has 1 mio Output capacity per year. Currently we manufacture 70% for our international customers, 30% of the capacity is for home brand, Solty, Occtan and Setan,. We distribute the home Brands at our stores in Turkey.


From day one we valued human ressources, communication, team-work, space for creativity. It is our culture and the base of our success. You have a Problem, we are on it, we will find the best solution together.

We value our customers, stay connected to achieve our goals and help to achieve our customers goals;

to supply Quality Fashion.

Hitmoda purpose to increase the stake on international market and the awareness for hitmoda. Every women deserves to wear a hitmoda.

„Quality in Fashion is not a privilege, it is a choice and hitmoda makes it possible for everyone“